DR MAGNETO.AI was founded by 4 enthusiastic Engineers majoring in Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics with vast amounts of expertise spanning disciplines such as Magnetic Design, Power Electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Programming among them.

The Company is registered in UK and primarily focuses on Research and Development to develop Design Optimization Tools to help with Magnetic Designs.

The primary motivation behind setting-up DR MAGNETO.AI is to help the industry over-come the challenges faced in the sphere of Magnetic Design with the use of Technology.

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Artificial Intelligence based
Autonomous Design Tool

Shows the list of presently running and previously completed transformer designs solutions in one screen. The Systems stores the history of all Transformer Design Solutions which can be retrieved any time without having to execute those designs from the beginning.

Transformer Configurations : This is the initial Screen to feed the details of the Core Configuration, Winding Configuration and the Optimization Objective of the Transformer.

Key Parameters: This is the second screen to capture the key parameters of the solution such as Winding Voltages, Rated Power, Frequency, etc.

This Screen Lists all the Optimum Design Solutions for the Transformer based on the Optimization Objective set by the user.

Shows the details of the selected Transformer Design Solution and an in-depth analysis of operating parameters of the Transformer.

The story of our parent company

BK Magnetics

The Buckingham Magnetics was established by a group of magnetic experts who bring decades of experience and expertise to the transformer industry in Europe. Our founders have a deep understanding of the nuances and complexities...

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What's new

Power of Maths and AI Combined to Automate Magnetics Design Introduced by BK Magnetics Under DR MAGNETO.AI

The BETA Release of DR MAGNETO.AI was done on 15th December 2022 at the Teesside University.

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